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Eyelash applicator 2 pack

Eyelash applicator 2 pack

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Our lash applicator is the key too easily applying lashes. Using a lash applicator really helps you adjust the position of your lash application and ensuring the lash is really stuck down and clamped to your natural lash. Our lash applicator is designed to help you ensure your lash is stuck down in the hard corners you cant reach by using your finger.


  • choose a lash style and pick up by the end with the applicator
  • apply lash glue on the lash band while holding it with the applicator to keep your hands free of glue
  • once glue becomes tacky place applicator up to eye to adjust the position of your lash application.
  • place lash onto lash line with applicator.
  • Once placed use the applicator to squeeze your natural lashes into the false lashes to ensure they are stuck .
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