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Beauty Sponges 3 Pack- Choose Your Colour

Beauty Sponges 3 Pack- Choose Your Colour

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Our sponge range will help you create a flawless base to be creative on. A makeup base is the most important part of creating a makeup look. Your base can be perfectly blended and smooth by using our sponges. Koda Cosmetics sponges double their size when wet and can be used for baking or liquid products on the body and face. These sponges can really step up your makeup game and make application time quicker.



  • Wet your sponge for the best result
  • Make sure you pat dry and squeeze out excess water
  • Our sponge is now ready to use on your face to blend out and apply makeup products  to achieve a perfect base.

All our sponges are reusable and cruelty free


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