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Holly eyelash

Holly eyelash

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Our "HOLLY" lash is definitely my favourite lash ever. This lash is soo fluffy, full and black. HOLLY lash is a wispy criss cross lash giving you that full glam wispy vibe but also looks great with simple makeup looks and keeps your lashes so full and fluffy. HOLLY lash is a similar length throughout the lash band. These lashes are in memory of my dog Holly x

All our eyelashes are lightweight easy to apply and cruelty free.

How to apply:

  • Cut lash to suitable eye length if needed
  • apply Koda Cosmetics glue to the lash and let rest for 20 seconds for glue to become tacky and sticky
  • Apply lash to lash line with Koda Cosmetics applicator

 Lashes are reusable up to 25 times with care. 

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